Welcome to Travelmarx. Here are a few of the projects we are currently working on.

Travelmarx - man resting on a bench
Digitalmarx Services

Digitalmarx provides solution design and prototyping for cloud and Iot; program management for information security and compliance management; technical writing for cloud platform SDKs and related services.

Digital Journal Project

Digital journal project is a personal information management (PIM) platform we developed. Access data with visually or with natural language queries. A simplified version of Scrapbook is available on Github.

Travelmarx Blog
Travelmarx Blog

Travelmarx blog includes over 15 years and 1350 posts on programming, nature, hiking, cooking, language, life in Italy, and much more. We started the blog in 2007 as our humble way to contribute something back to the Internet.

Solarmarx Configuration

Outfitting our house with solar panels has been a fun and rewarding project both personally, for the sake of the environment, and financially for the sake of our wallet. We like to call it - of course - Solarmarx. The 14 panel configuration is shown in the image above.

Solarmarx in Numbers

Solar panels powering Travelmarx. For more on how these numbers are generated, see Working with Your Solar Array Data Using the Enphase API . We estimate that we have prevented over 3 tons of CO2 from entering into the atomosphere.

Pinterest Travelmarx Wildflowers
Travelmarx on Pinterest

We have Pinterest galleries featuring "Seattle Murals and Street Art", "Graffiti and Street Art from Our Travels", "Washington Wildflowers", "Bergamasque Prealps Flowers and Plants", and the curious category "Binomen Art".